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American Tackle

Nylon Smooth Butt

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Color Black
Length 12 in
Material Nylon


After extensive testing, American Tackle Company's super strong, super tough nylon Smooth Butt is ready for anything you throw at it. Designed with durability in mind, the butt is built for use with rod holders, which makes them a world wide favorite for trolling. The Smooth Butt can be coupled with our AG-4 or NG-2 gimbals with 1 1/4" O.D.s for a flush fit or the smaller gimbals when coupled with one of our gimbal covers. All Smooth Butts are furnished with trim rings.

Model Length Length with Trim Rings Inside Diameter Outside Diameter
SB-1 8" 8 5/16" 1.05" (26.67mm) OD1: 1.21" (30.74mm) OD2: - 1.22" (31mm)
SB-2 10 11/16" 11" .95" (24mm) - 1.02" (26mm) OD1: 1.24"(31mm) - OD2: 1.27"(32.25mm)
SB-3 11 7/8" 12 1/8" .92"(23.3mm) - 1.0"(25.4mm) OD1: 1.21"(30.73mm) - OD2: 1.26"(32mm)