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Guide Alignment & Reel Seat Spacer Tool Set

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Color Blue
Material Aluminum


Align your guides and properly set your reel seat with ease!

The design team at CRB continues to provide professional level tools and equipment to all rod builders world-wide.

The CRB PRO Guide Alignment & Reel Seat Spacer Tool Set is a simple but effective tool that takes the guesswork out of reel seat mounting while assuring perfect guide alignment every time. Built from aircraft grade aluminum and anodized in striking PRO BLUE these tools are built to withstand a lifetime of use.

This two-piece set gives builders the range they need to properly fit reel seats off all sizes, from Ultra-Light to Offshore. The mounting foot profile is based off industry standard reel size. The small tool fits seat sizes 16 and 17 while the large tool fits seat sizes 18 and up. This tool set makes installing popular split reel seats like the CRB CXO and SXO a breeze. In addition, the bead sight allows builders to align their guides and reel seats easily and accurately along the spine marks during the entire building process.

Easy to use and built for life, you won't regret adding this cool new rod building tool to your workbench!

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