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EVA Vertical Jigging Grips: Rear Grips

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Inside Diameter:

Vertical Jigging grips feature a smaller outside diameter that lines up seamlessly with the back of the reel seat.

Specifically designed and ergonomically shaped to craft the perfect vertical jigging handle. These EVA grips are created with a higher density for excellent durability and pair perfectly with the CRB Line of Vertical Jigging and Tuna Popping Blanks.


Model Type Length I.D. O.D.
FGVJ-7 Foregrip 7" .300" or .450" 1.107"
RGVJ-12  Rear Grip 12" .375" or .500" 1.05"
RGVJ-14 Rear Grip 14" .375" or .500" 1.05"