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CRB Aluminum Comfort Lock Reel Seat ACLR

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With a recessed hood and a defined channel to create the maximum security of the comfort lock system, this CRB Comfort Lock Aluminum Reel Seat features a very stable reel lock with an ergonomic shape designed to fit your palm.

CRB Comfort Lock Reel Seat Features

  • Available in 16-24 mm Diameters
  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • Channel Design locks reels firmly in place eliminating wobble.
  • Available in 7 colors: Black, Black & Gold, Blue, Gold, Gunsmoke, Red and Silver
  • Recessed-hood Design


Model Inside Diameter Length
ACLR16 16.10mm 5 1/8"
ACLR18 18.10mm 5 1/8"
ACLR20 20.04mm 5 1/8"
ACLR22 22.18mm 5 1/8"
ACLR24 24.12mm 5 1/8"