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CRB Advanced Hand Wrapper System - 2 Spool

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This Advanced Hand Wrapper System is a standalone wrapper that provides an upgraded sturdy base and two securely fastened stands with handy precision knobs for quick adjustments — plus, multiple new add-ons to truly enhance your hand wrapping experience.

For example, the all-new ball bearing and spring system eliminates friction for pure, unimpeded thread tension and tight, smooth thread wraps with ease. In the base, the slider allows thread to track accurately along the wrap, while the stands add two more notches to accommodate wrapping larger diameter rods.

The base also includes two convenient insets to keep any guides, tip tops, and tools like guide tubing, razor blades, and more accessible from the first wrap to the last.

With the Advanced Hand Wrapping System, you will produce tight, smooth wraps with every rod turn. Keep it simple and get the job done with two spool options, or upgrade to four spools to let your imagination run wild with fast access to all four different spools at once!

  • Keep 2 spools at the ready - alternating colors between underwraps and overwraps has never been easier
  • Compatible with small & medium sized spools from ProWrap, Pac Bay, Fuji and more
  • Extra-smooth ball-bearing system eliminates friction
  • Multiple thread guide paths allow you to optimize thread position during tricky wraps
  • Seamless integration with the RBS wrapping system

Key Features & Benefits

Precision Knobs


Large tension knob for quick thread changes

Ball Bearing System


Enhanced bearings eliminate friction to achieve pure, unimpeded thread tension

Two Insets


Convenient insets for guides, tip tops, guide tubing, razor blades and more

Quick Adjust Rod Stands


User-friendly knobs for quick stand adjustments