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American Tackle

AW-CRSD 3K Aluminum Spinning Reel Seat

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  • Black anodized heavy duty frame
  • CRSD style aluminum bodied window seat
  • Exposed gloss 3K carbon insert
  • Graphite cushioned stainless hoods firmly secures reel feet and prevents electrolytic corrosion
  • Self-aligning hood/nut assembly
  • Sizes: 16mm, 18mm, 20mm & 22mm

AW 3K CRSD Seat Specifications

Item Finish Insert Length Fixed Hood O.D. I.D.
AW-16B-3K Black Gloss 3K 4.43" (112.5mm) 0.87" (22.10mm) 0.52" (13.2mm)
AW-18B-3K Black Gloss 3K 4.92" (124.97mm) 0.99" (25.15mm) 0.62" (15.75mm)
AW-20B-3K Black Gloss 3K 5.12" (130mm) 1.07" (27.18mm) 0.70" (17.78mm)
AW-22B-3K Black Gloss 3K 5.13" (130.3mm) 1.15" (29.21mm) 0.79" (20.06mm)