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4-Spool Thread Carriage Upgrade for HWS-1

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4-Spool Thread Carriage Upgrade for HWS-1

Product Details

Significantly upgrade the tension system and thread capacity of your HWS-1 wrapping system with the HWS-TC4.

The 4-Spool Thread Extension upgrades the HWS-1 Hand Wrapper with a silky smooth tension system that uses a combination of bearings, springs, and precision knobs to eliminate friction and achieve infinite control of four different threads at once. While conveniently housing four small to medium sized thread spools, this 4-Spool extension also uses the large tension knobs to allow for user-friendly installation and adjustments, such as changing tension, or even swapping out threads.

With this adaptor, you will experience pure, unimpeded thread tension to master underwraps, overwraps, trim bands, inlays, and all the custom thread wraps in between in no time!

  • Keep up to 4 spools at the ready - perfect for color-change weaves
  • Compatible with small & medium sized spools from ProWrap, Pac Bay, Fuji and more
  • Extra-smooth ball-bearing system eliminates friction
  • Large precision adjustment knobs make tension changes and spool-swapping a breeze

Please note this item is an upgrade part and does not include the hand wrapper base unit, sold separately.

Key Features & Benefits

Precision knobs offer easy tension adjustments and thread changes!
Precision Knobs

Large tension knob for quick adjustments & thread changes

Ball Bearing system ensures smooth, effortless thread spooling!
Ball Bearing System

Enhanced bearings eliminate friction to achieve pure, unimpeded thread tension

The HWS-TC4 is designed to directly replace the stock thread carriage included with the HWS-1 platform base.
Designed for the HWS-1

Mounts directly to the HWS-1 platform base

Compatible with 4 small to medium sized thread spools from your favorite brands including ProWrap, Pac Bay, Fuji and more.
Thread Compatibility

Fits 4 medium to small sized spools simultaneously